Announcing shaders for Ventuz

25th January 2012

In the recent couple of weeks we have been concentrating on the development of a few cool shader effects for Ventuz. Our goal was to create real-time 3D-shadow-shader effects tools. We developed a combination of lighting and shadow techniques that will enable the Ventuz-designer to take graphics to a new level of realism and quality. Objects even cast shadows onto themselves, nice for extruded texts for example. We have different light sources causing different shadows accordingly. The package features spotlights, shadow casters and receivers, adjustable softness for spotlights as well as shadows AND ambient occlusion – everything real-time, easily adjustable and simultaneous. The directional light can cast shadows that get softer with distance.
We are currently going over some last details and preparing some demo scenes together with our new website. We will hopefully be able to release of our first shader modules within days from now.

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