XML_SAVET v2 – new Update. Store text-strings in an XML-file directly from within your Ventuz scene. Recall the information whenever needed. A built-in C#-script takes care of the functionality. Data handling is not a one-way street anymore. This can be very handy if the user wants a previously stored text-content to be restored automatically after a scene is reloaded. Another example would be a simple user-login on scene-level. A scene can now be interactively configurable. The provided sample scene restricts the input method for text but otherwise is fully functional. In the product-version the content-module can be linked to any text-source inside of the Ventuz-scene.


  • store and load text information
  • easy to use and setup
  • allows to permanently store user input or settings
  • useful for system status-log, etc.
  • store and compare data for user-login screens
  • compatible with Ventuz 4.x
XML Save&Load Text Module Demo

Module Demo Scene

Download Demo (Ventuz Archive File: XML_SAVET v2 demo.vza, 103kb)